Cheryl Peterson Halsey
While working with children I hope to inspire them to work on their own, as there's often little time for, or no art in schools. Hopefully I offer something for teachers to work with . My own philosophies are challenged, and I am often inspired in my own work.

Commissioned art work is at the top of my list for "fun to do". The pressure of helping someone achieve a desired environment gives me the greatest satisfaction.

The process of making jewelry can wrap me up for extended hours, days, weeks and months. The fascination of being an instrument of the design and fabrication process is being a witness to the evolution of ideas.

Cylinders have become a format which I respect. They are flat and 3D at once. The history of them being decorative ,and signage, is integral to my desire to make things that are simply interesting to look at.

Being a Bigfoot fan most of my life exemplifies my optimistic nature. Not being a fan of typical 'yard art' these patterns afford me a tongue-in-cheek response."
With Others
"The creative process lures me to a variety of media, techniques and approaches.

41040 309th Street
Springfield, SD

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